Newspaper : Nordsee Zeitung
nr. 145 - Bremerhaven, June 24th 1995

(...) The applaus at the opening night seemed not to reach the limit in the "Little House" which was surprisingly not sold out. Above all, the young public received the program by stamping their feet on the floor, for DRESS REHEARSAL OF A CONCERT by Ronaldo Novarro, which might be the representative number of the evening.
(...) Out from the offering of Fernando (ballet director), comes the solo dance-theatre DRESS REHEARSAL OF A CONCERT with the music by Rachmaninov and other individual interpretations for piano. (...) Navarro offers a kind of modern dance-theatre work with unconventional choreography and an eccentric combination of movement, existencialist texts (Nietzsche) and quite extraordinary footwork. His pantomime, in light of the psychological limits of the mentioned CONCERT, brings almost Kafkaesque aspects.

BREMER - Magazine from the city Bremen
June 1998

Imagine: A conductor comes to the stage a few minutes before the beginning of a concert rehearsal, but nobody is there. Suddenly he hears the majestic beginning of Strauss' s "Thus spoke Zarathustra". The conductor reflects about Nietzsche and „in delirium“ he almost forgets why he came there. He dances and despises even more the partiturs, he needs to with day by day to survive. With Richard Strauss, Moszkowski, Rachmaninoff, Perry and Gerrard‘s Music and Text from Nietzsche, the Brazilian dancer Ronaldo Navarro did a much more than interesting dance-theater performance. The version of 75 minutes is now finally ready to be seen
Bremerhaven, and we hope as soon as possible in Bremen as well."